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Rhododendron Shedding its Skin - - book cover

Rhododendron Shedding its Skin

About the Book

Rhododendron Shedding Its Skin is full of shaman poems and Goddess mythology. This book has sharper edges than her first collection, but they open to a new level of vision. The poet depends on touch rather than vision to see the real world; often the eyes are used to look beyond reality. (order info.)

Reviews and Endorsements

Tomas Transtromer once said that his poems are meeting places for souls. In this world where one does not always feel entirely at home, it is with a sense of recognition that one enters a Diane Frank poem, with all its exotic quirks, and rather than feel it to be strange, feel it to be a habitable, companionable place of kindred spirits.

— Tom Centolella

I am joyful that these poems are in the world. I feel myself in them strongly... though of course they are your poems, they are somehow my poems also. Even the little touches, like the oranges that pop out of nowhere... they are my oranges also.

— Lauren Liebling